Fall Forward Venture Studio Announces The Best Answer Company And Platform

The Best Answer - Culture Fuels Success

Fall Forward Venture Studio Announces The Best Answer Company And Platform

The Best Answer Is An Innovative And Scalable Culture-Building Platform Meant To Fuel Modern Business Success


Dresher, PA, November 15, 2023 — Fall Forward, LLC today announced the release of its first new company, The Best Answer, Inc. An advanced culture-building platform, designed to assist leaders in creating an environment that breeds success. The company’s suite of professional tools are aimed at establishing a workplace culture that not only attracts and retains exceptional talent but also nurtures their growth and encourages the realization of their full potential.

Alan Rihm, CEO and Co-Founder at Fall Forward, a venture studio based in the Greater Philadelphia region, explains the problem the platform solves, and the opportunity it creates for small and medium (SMB) and enterprise businesses: “This new company and platform is founded on the principle that a well-defined culture is a cornerstone of corporate excellence. We consistently hear CEOs and others in leadership proselytize the importance of their people and culture, and that they are their key differentiators. But relatively few companies are proactively doing all of the things necessary to build a winning culture and team. And virtually none have a platform that automates and provides clear reporting on all the culture building activities. The Best Answer platform provides leaders and culture teams with a sophisticated set of tools that systematize the development, management and measurement of a robust and winning organizational culture.”

The platform boasts a comprehensive array of modules, including innovative survey systems for employee engagement and satisfaction, an Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) management tool to promote transparency and employee alignment with company goals, a Team Alignment tool to ensure optimized team performance, and a suite of event management and employee engagement functionalities. These features are complemented by both an innovative “Culture Success Score” to measure success over time and an advanced reporting module that enables strategic insights and informed decision-making.

Fall Forward Co-Founder and CFO Warren Barratt comments on the financial and operational impact, “More so than ever before investing in organizational culture is a strategic necessity. Our platform represents a commitment to fostering a workplace that not only enhances employee morale but also contributes to superior business performance.”

The Best Answer, Inc. is dedicated to providing professional solutions for culture enhancement, offering a strategic advantage to businesses that prioritize a positive, productive, and aligned workplace environment.

About The Best Answer, Inc:

The Best Answer delivers an innovative platform for developing, managing and measuring a dynamic and successful company culture. The platform helps companies build a sustainable, high performing culture. One that attracts and retains the best talent possible, and unlocks employee potential. Just as important, it automates everything, consolidates licenses, is extremely cost effective, and helps the company to reach or exceed their business goals and objectives. Our platform is designed for leaders who are committed to the pursuit of excellence through cultural integrity and strategic employee engagement. The Best Answer, Inc. was founded and developed by the Fall Forward Venture Studio (www.fallforward.com).

About Fall Forward, LLC:

At Fall Forward, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs and CEOs to launch software-as-a-service (SaaS) and mobile platforms and companies that tackle big problems, disrupt industries, and inspire customers. Our team′s extensive background in SaaS, App development, and entrepreneurship equips us with the ″been there, done that″ knowledge and expertise to guide startups through every stage of their growth. Unlike traditional incubators or accelerators, we see ourselves as genuine co-founders. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with entrepreneurs to navigate the complex and often lonely startup journey, providing hands-on support and guidance from inception to success. Our structured, data-driven approach to startup development ensures that we identify the most promising ideas, validate them, and execute them effectively, thereby maximizing capital efficiency, speed to market and chances of success. Fall Forward Studio is committed to investing in and growing the businesses we co-found. We provide not only financial support but also the resources, tools, and network necessary to thrive in a competitive market. We understand the delicate balance between hands-on support and mentorship. Our team is adept at providing the guidance needed to overcome challenges and make crucial decisions while knowing when to step back and let the startup′s leadership take the reins.

For more information on The Best Answer or Fall Forward, or to request an interview with Alan Rihm or Warren Barratt, please contact us via email at info@thebestanswer.com or info@fallforward.com.


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Alan Rihm
Alan Rihm

May 22, 2023

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